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Standard 1: Candidate, Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions

Candidates preparing to work in schools as teachers or other school professionals know and demonstrate the content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and skills, pedagogical and professional  knowledge and skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates meet professional, state, and institutional standards.

1.4.a   State program review documents and state findings (Some of these documents may be available in AIMS.)

1.4.b   Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years

1.4.c   Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing candidate learning against professional and state standards as well as proficiencies identified in the unit’s conceptual framework (Some of this information may be accessible for nationally recognized programs in AIMS. Cross reference as appropriate.)

1.4.d   Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit’s conceptual framework (Data should be disaggregated by program and level regardless of location or method of delivery.)

1.4.e   Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn

1.4.f   Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates’ professional dispositions (Data should be disaggregated by program and level regardless of location or method of delivery.)

1.4.g   Examples of candidates’ assessment and analysis of P-12 student learning

1.4.h   Examples of candidates’ work (e.g., portfolios at different proficiency levels) from programs across the unit

1.4.i    Aggregate data on follow-up studies of graduates

1.4.j    Aggregate data on employer feedback on graduates

1.4.k   Data collected by state and/or national agencies on performance of educator preparation programs and the effectiveness of their graduates in classrooms and schools, including student achievement data, when available


State licensure test scores